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"Being tired of manually searching the errors of the clients in their CSV Files"
Ideas for editor:
  • easy to use
  • edit directly
  • configuration of validation rules
  • make errors visible
Ideas for configuration:
  • written in JSON
  • header is mandatory
  • column rules are optional
  • set of rules
  • groovy support
The configuration of validation rules is written in
The wiki at Github contains the documentation.
The header of CSV file will always be validated. The order and the names have to be equal!
configuration in JSON

"headers" : {
    "list":[ "COLUMN 1", "COLUMN 2", "NAME", "SOME OTHER COLUMN" ]
Each column, which should be validated, has to be configured.

"columns" : {
      "COLUMN 1": {
        "integer" : true,
        "not empty" : true,
        "maxlength" : 4,
        "minlength" : 4
      "COLUMN 2": {
        "value of" : ["0", "1"]
        "double" : true
set of validators:
  • not empty
  • integer
  • double
  • minlength
  • maxlength
  • value of
  • date
  • alphanumeric
  • regexp

if that does not match all your validations

you can still write a groovy validator!

if (value.startsWith('start')) {
    return true
} else {
    return false

No worry, you don't have to edit a JSON file directly. The SmartCSV contains a column editor!

There is an existing Github Page, a wiki for documentation and the releases can also be found at Github.

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